Players will compete in a cutthroat game of area control as different invasive species.  You will have to evolve and spread faster than opponents to become the dominant species.

Creeping Vine

As it grows it twists an turns through the ground, it excels in shady, lush, warm environments.

Razor Grass

A prickly defensive grass that shines in sunny, warm, lush environments.

Sweeping Moss

Spreading at fast speeds the stubborn moss dominates in sunny, cool, craggy environments.

Sporadic Mushroom

As it burst spores it can travel far distances, it will eclipse competing species in shady, cool, craggy, environments.

Truculent Fern

The fern’s roots sap near plants nutrients, it is superior in shady, warm, craggy environments.

Volatile Tropical

The species evolves at breakneck speed.  It suceeds in Sunny, warm, lush environments.

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